-- $Id: ChangeLog file for knocker version 0.6.0 - released on 17 February 2002


17 February 2002:

- Knocker's output style & colors changed. I like it, but you might not, if that's the case, please, let me know.

- Elapsed time since the begin of the port scan is now shown in the results.

- Module knocker_output added. All the boring fprintf(...) stuffs are now in this unit. This makes the main knocker unit a bit cleaner.

- Code to output debug messages was added.

15 February 2002:

- Big portions of code rewritten from scratch.

- The TCP connect port scan code has been improved. The scan should be faster now. (In the old code the host name was resolved for each port to be scanned!) Damn it.

- knocker_core totally redesigned (and rewritten) to be more flexible and versatile. Plans are to make it available as a library/DLL .

13 February 2002:

- Fixed a bug in the version 0.5.1 that made impossible to scan a host starting knocker in the default mode Ex: knocker --host thehost This caused knocker to quit without performing the port scan.

- Added header file definitions to prevent multiple file inclusion.

09 February 2002:

- An option to perform a portscan on a single port was added. The option is --port or -P

- threads code removed (since it was quite buggie). Threads support will be redesigned and reimplemented in the future.

- Fixed the total scanned ports result counting bug: knocker was not isplaying the correct number of the scanned ports.

  Ex: for a scan from port 1 to port 1000 it was displaying 998 as total resoult insted of 1000. That's now fixed.

  Thanks to Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn for reporting that.

- Fixed the bug that caused knocker to segfault when the log file couldn't be open. The program now quits gracefully
   telling the user what's going on.

- Compilation is now done with the following flags -Wall -ansi -pedantic

- Module terminal.c renamed to knocker_term.c

06 January 2002:

- Added the following options

   1. --quiet-mode

       With this option the program can be started in background so that so output to the console is generated
       and the scan's results are written to a log file. (knocker_scan.log)
       Ex: knocker --host --quiet-mode &

   2. --enable-logfile

      This option logs the scan results to a file (knocker_scan.log)
      Console output is not disabled by this option.

   3. --no-threads

      If you experience problems running knocker with threads just pass this option.

      Ex: knocker --host --no-threads

- Added modules knocker_log.c, knocker_log.h to support the new file logging functions.

27 July 2001:

- Added colored output !

- Code to print colored output done.

- Added a "--no-colors" option to disabled colored output

- Man page updated with new the new option about colors.

26 July 2001:

- Begun to add the code to print colored output.

20 July 2001:

- Now knocker uses threads (linux pthreads) in the portscan loop.

- The port scan process can now be cancelled by pressing the "c" key.

- The number of total ports scanned is now correctly shown even if the scan is cancelled.

- configure.in modified to use threads.

- Three functions added to support the use of threads.

16 July 2001:

- Now knocker attempts to resolve an host IP address before the port scan is started.
  It aborts the scan if the host IP can't be resolved.

15 July 2001:

- Added a function in knocker_core.c to resolve hosts IP addresses.

08 July 2001:

- Initial release.

-- Gabriele Giorgetti