- $Id: ChangeLog file for gtk-knocker version 0.3.0 - released on 1 August 2001

1 August 2001

- Splitted the gtk-knocker.c windows source code in modules:
  main_win.c, about_win.c

- The scan loop is now called by the gtk_timeout_add(...)
  function. This however does not fix the "freeze bug".

- Added gtk-knocker header file (gtk-knocker.h).

- Added a splash_screen dialog box (dialogs.c)

- Added an error dialog box that is shown if a hostname cannot
  be resolved (dialogs.c).(Scan is now aborted in this version).

- Added a "stop the scan" button. Thought this feature is not
  yet implemented.

- Changed the gtk-knocker logo pic in the about window.

15 July 2001

- Added a function in knocker_core.c to resolve hosts IP.

- Added the host IP address field to the interface.

08 July 2001:

- Initial release.

-- Gabriele Giorgetti